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Promotional Space – Terms & Conditions


The Applicant acknowledges that:

  • The Applicant has no right to exclude the centre owner, centre management or agents
  • Middleton grange is under no obligation to provide the operator any services at the centre
  • This document can only be used by the applicant
  • Without prejudice to its rights to terminate the centre management team shall be entitled at any time to require the applicant to transfer to an alternative location within the centre and the applicant shall comply with such requirement
  • The centre management team has total discretion (without having to give any reason) to refuse permission to the operator to use any advertisement or display used by the promotor, whether or not in connection with the permitted use, if the centre management team considers such advertisements or display to be offensive or illegal, and in such case the operator will remain liable to pay such charges as agreed. The centre manager’s decision on all aspects of the activities carried out in/on the location by the operator shall be final.
  • Handwritten signs are not permitted


Your Risk Assessments need to meet the standards set out by the HSE – examples are listed below.


The applicant MUST:

  • Comply with all laws relating to its use of location and the conduct of its activities within the centre including any licence relating to the employment of staff
  • At all times abide by the guidelines for the centre as amended from time to time, the current guidelines are annexed to this document:
  • Use the location only for the permitted use, within the permitted hours and for the duration of this licence
  • Keep the location and its surrounds free from all refuse of any kind and from any other obstructions ensuring that all its items and materials are contained in the location
  • Store stock, equipment and other materials in such a position and in such a place in the centre as the centre manager prescribe
  • Maintain public liability insurance to the value of a minimum of £5,000,000. The operator must provide evidence of the policy and the cover by sending a copy of a valid current certificate of insurance with the booking entail forms, and the centre management team reserves the right to terminate the licence where inadequate evidence is provided prior to the start of the licence
  • Adequately stock the location at all times with merchandise of a range, quality and condition in keeping with the standards of the centre. The operator must keep stock to a minimal due to the limited floor area of space
  • Ensure that it employs such persons are as appropriate to ensure the location is attended at all times and procure that its employees and agents do not smoke, vape, eat or drink in or around the space
  • Abide by all reasonable rules and regulation


The operator MUST NOT

  • Leave the location unattended at any time during the centres opening hours
  • Cause or permit to be caused by any damage the space
  • Drive or allow any motor vehicles into the centre without the prior consent of the centre management team
  • The applicant is responsible at all times for the setting up and moving of items and displays on and in the space, which must be undertaken by the operator under the supervision of the centre management team



  • Access to the space on listed this document shall be terminated immediately If the operator fails to produce all of the required paperwork within the timescales laid out in this policy
  • If there has been a breach by the operator of its obligations


  • The applicant remains liable throughout the licence period for any damage to the location, its surrounds and any part of the centre caused by the operator or its staff whether within the permitted use or not, including any set up and dismantling of the applicant’s items, materials and equipment
  • The centre owner will not be liable for any damage to any items brought into the location or the centre by the operator, whether or not the applicant’s property, and whether or not used in connection with the permitted use.
  • The applicant will indemnify the centre owner against all costs, claims, demands, actions and proceedings which arise as a consequence of Injury or damage to any property whatsoever or to any person which may arise out of or in consequence of the use or permitted use of the location or entry of any person into the centre for any purpose related to the use or permitted use of the location.


  • Wear smart business suit at all times
  • Be professional and courteous
  • Keep the location and surrounding area clean AND TIDY


  • Hard sell or be aggressive towards prospective customers
  • Approach customers
  • Eat/drink/vape near or on the stand
  • Use mobile phones whilst on the stand unless obtaining application related details when customer present


All exhibitors must comply with or be aware of the following

  • Promotional event stands should be constructed from low fire hazard materials to satisfy class 0 standard of the building regulations. The maximum height allowed is 2.03 for all promotional sites although some may be less. All fixtures and fittings (tables, chairs, table cloths etc.) must also be of low fore hazard materials and comply with British Safety Standards.
  • Runner rails and A boards are not allowed in the centre
  • Fundraising buckets must be sealed
  • No extra tables are allowed
  • Proof will be required in writing of the fire resistant properties of both the stand and its fittings.


  • Exhibitors requiring an electrical supply should request at the first instance and also include pat certificates for approval.
  • Any electrical extensions must be fully uncoiled and safely taped down


  • All exhibitors must staff their promotional event during the centres trading hours:
  • Monday –Saturday 9am-5.30pm
  • Sunday and bank holidays 10am-4.30pm


  • Set up for all promotional events should be completed by 9am (Monday-Saturday) and by 10am on Sundays and bank holidays. For exhibitors setting up the night before their promotion starts, access is available from 6.30pm Monday-Saturday and from 4.30pm on Sundays
  • Exhibitors must report to security control room in the very first instance attending Middleton Grange 01429 861220 to sign in


  • All display should be dismantled and removed from the centre immediately after the centre closes on the final day of the promotion.
  • Please note the displays must not be removed until after the following times
  • Monday –Saturday after 5.30pm Sunday after 4.30pm


  • Promotors are to access the centre through green corridor from the H&M car park. Set up and takedown must be outside of centre opening hours. There is 24hr security at the centre so access is not restricted. There are parking restrictions as car parks are owned and managed by Hartlepool Borough Council.


  • Please note that promotional events which offer free product samples to the public must restrict the sample to one per person. The product must be approved by the centre in the first instance and decision by the centre is final.


  • Promotional staff are not permitted to accost customers and must wait until the customer approaches them. Promotional staff are not allowed to wander the centre handing out Leaflets or brochures and may only hand out at the promotional site. No permission for posters, banners or similar to be displayed around any part of the centre.


  • Security officers are not responsible for the security of any exhibitions display stands or equipment and any items left on the premises. It is the responsibility of the person on the stand to make a thorough check at the end of the day that all electrical points have been turned off and that the stand is left safe and secure.


  • There is no parking onsite


  • None provided


  • No sticky badges or helium balloons are permitted in the centre
  • Alcohol prizes/sampling/give away cannot be offered
  • Cakes/biscuits and beverages cannot be sold/won/offered on the promotional site
  • Direct debits


  • Only PA equipment pre-approved can be used in the centre
  • System must be behind barriers so access around is by authorisation only and all cables safely taped


  • Evidence is needed to show pre and post event promotion- Facebook post/twitter post/ Local paper


  • Following your event an evaluation and raised money to be sent to Suzanne within a week of the event


  • In the event of an evacuation of the centre, exhibitors must comply with the centre procedures for evacuations


  • Your onsite induction will be given by Security and your permit must be signed off before any set up can take place via Security Control on the 2nd floor Management suite.
  • You need to sign in and out each day
  • You will be taken to your space for set up, security will have a plan to show your demarcation space.