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General enquiries 01429 861 220.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the centre please contact us using the form below, or by post to the following address:

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre
26 Middleton Grange
TS24 7RZ

Tel: 01429 861220

Centre Management

For information occupying space within Middleton Grange please contact:

James Lamming
Telephone: 07715 678630
Email:[email protected]

Market Hall –

For information on occupying space within the Market Hall please contact:

Mark Rycraft
Email: [email protected]

For contractors wishing to undertake works within an occupied unit please contact:

[email protected]

When emailing, please include details of the business initiatives and any other information relevant to your enquiry.

Marketing Enquiries

Louise Scott
[email protected]

Lost Property

For all lost property enquiries please call Customer Services on 01429 861220 key option 1 on auto dial